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House Renovation Projects

Do you Fancy your old house yet wish the modern decor trends? We got it covered for you! We can change every element in your old house and still it can be the same cosy home you just love! We have several interior options that you can opt for, we can give your old kitchen and bathroom a facelift or maybe add some interesting elements to make it oh so classy!

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Our Solutions/Services:

  • Energy-Efficient housing solutions

  • Remodelled Kitchen Decor

  • Refurbished Carpet Sections

  • Eco-Friendly Green Garden

  • Spacious Attic Getaways

  • The woodwork in Warm and Cool tones

  • Customized Restoration Plans

Trust our team at The Belso Studio to renovate your dream house just the way you wish to design it! Lavish Gardenscapes, Cosy Corners, Stark Geometry, Colour blocking are some of our signature fortes!